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Schools practice Drop, Cover and Hold earthquake drills

Schools practice Drop, Cover and Hold earthquake drills

Woodman earthquake drill Just as schools practice fire and tornado drills during the school year, Wichita Public Schools students and staff are learning how to protect themselves in case of a a major earthquake. The Drop, Cover and Hold earthquake response plan will be taught and practiced in all schools.

“This is the first time we are asking all schools to practice the Drop, Cover and Hold earthquake drill,” said Terri Moses, Executive Director of Safety Services. “Earthquake drills were an option for schools to practice for a couple of years, but due to the increase of earthquake activity in Kansas, we are asking schools to practice so they will know what to do in case a more powerful earthquake occurs.”

As part of the training, students and staff will watch a video created by WPS Media Productions about Drop, Cover and Hold. Students and staff from Mayberry, OK and Southeast performed in the training video. Click here to watch the video

“It was very easy to learn,” said Jimena Umana, 5th grade student at Woodman Elementary. “You just have to listen to your teachers and they know what to do.” 

“I was nervous the first time I felt an earthquake, but I’m not as nervous now because I know what to do,” Umana added. “I will teach this to my little brothers and sisters so they know too.”

Drop, Cover and Hold is supported by guidelines from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.