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Extended Learning Opportunities Information



Friday, March 27, 2020

Grades for this year have been frozen. At this point in time, the current attendance and grades posted to the 3rd quarter progress reports will be final for the 2019-2020 school year. High school staff will work collaboratively with peers to develop instructional plans that will be implemented during Phase 2. The plans will provide learning experiences for seniors to complete coursework needed for graduation and for other high school students to improve their current grade.

• Beginning March 30, students will have opportunities to engage in learning as outlined in Phase 1. Additional optional opportunities and support from classroom teachers will be available during Phase 2.

• Optional paper packets designed by Learning Services & Student Support Services will provide review activities for a daily, allocated amount of time as follows:

❖ PreK – 30 min. for ELA & Math

❖ K-1 – 45 min. for ELA & Math

❖ 2-4 – 60 min. for ELA & Math

❖ 5-8 – 90 min. for ELA & Math

❖ High School – 90 min. for ELA & Math

❖ Newcomer Packets will also be available for ELA & Math

❖ Student Support Services added a link to district resources

• Packets will be available on a weekly basis at each of the following sites beginning Monday, March 30: Chisholm Trail, White, Isely, Mueller, All Middle Schools, & K-8 Schools & all High Schools. Families may also download packets online at

• Optional online programs are available to students as well. These are comprehensive reading and math programs currently used in USD259. Directions for accessing the following programs are available in the printed paper packets and posted to our website.

❖ Lexia Core5 (Reading) - Elementary

❖ Dreambox (Math) – Elementary

❖ Lexia Plus/Reading Plus (Reading) – Middle School

❖ iReady (Math) – Middle School

❖ Xello (College/Career Prep) – High School

• March 30 – Phase 1 Officially Begins

• Information regarding paper packets will be communicated through the following outlets:

o Parent Link Email

o Parent Link Phone Call

o District & School Websites

o Social Media

Beginning April 6, students may continue engaging in the learning experiences outlined in Phase 1. Students will also have access to additional optional opportunities and support from classroom teachers.

• The WPS District Continuous Learning website, developed by Learning Services, Student Support Services, the Marketing/Communications Department, & Teacher Leaders, will share optional resources for families including, but not limited to, the following topics:

• Physical Education

• Fine Arts

• Social Emotional Videos, Lessons & Activities

• Social Studies & Science

• Exploratory Courses

• World Languages

• Growing up WPS

• Reading with Dr. Thompson

• Support for Exceptional Learners

• Links to Free Educational Sites

• During Phase 2, students will have access to support from classroom teachers. Teachers will work with students in a variety of ways depending on the needs of the student. Examples of support include:

• Contacting students to check on their well-being

• Monitoring progress, providing support, and encouraging students engaged in our available online programs

• Being available for students during designated times

• Providing instruction as students engage in optional learning experiences

• A Continuous Learning Task Force will meet regularly to monitor the learning plan and develop plans for supporting secondary students as needed.


Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Dr. Thompson stated that phase 1 of extended learning will start on March 30 for the students. There will be paper packets available. More details about the extended learning opportunities will be given on Friday, March 27, in the afternoon. 

Robert Castleberry