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Cold vs. Flu - Things to know to keep you child healthy


Check up

This is Flu and Cold season and we have been hit hard this year! We are seeing large numbers of students with symptoms, and not all of them need to be sent home. Remember that viruses cause the Flu and colds…and they take a while to get over. Students may come back to school and still have a runny nose, some  coughing, and a mild sore throat. If students are not “acting sick”, coughing to where it interferes with his/her focus/learning, running a fever, vomiting or having diarrhea….then they can stay in school. Remember to do frequent handwashing, wipe desk tops and door knobs,and remind the children to cough or sneeze into their bent elbow area! Cold/cough medicine, Ibuprofen or Tylenol may make anyone with a viral illness feel better and may be given at home (or school with a doctor's release)! Encourage children to get enough rest…if possible, go to bed early and to stay hydrated.

Attached is a handout about colds and flu.  Thank you for working hard to keep your kids healthy and safe!  


Cold vs. Flu