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Security / Hall Pass

Hall Pass


To insure the safety of our students, all adults are asked to check-in through Hall Pass if they are entering the building to attend daytime events.  This includes walking your child to class before school.  If you have already registered in Hall Pass, you may RSVP prior to the event to avoid long wait times.  If you have not already registered in Hall Pass, you will need to arrive 30-45 minutes before your scheduled activity, and present your driver's license to be scanned into the system.   

To RSVP for an event - Visit, locate the Hall Pass Visitor Management link at the bottom of the page, and fill out the Hall Pass registration form.  You can also call or visit the office to RSVP.

You may pick up your badge the day of the event.  If you have not previously registered in Hall Pass, we are unable to create a badge for you in advance.  Come by the office to register in Hall Pass today!