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Technology Safety



              Net Safety   Internet Safety


Internet safety is a common concern for parents, caregivers, and educators.  There are many ways that we can protect children from harmful content found on social media, in app usage, and while surfing the web. One of the best ways to educate our children and students about safe internet behavior is through an open dialogue about proper internet usage, and by monitoring our children's internet activity. By teaching our youth about net smarts, and by educating ourselves about the harmful effects of improper internet usage, together we can create a safer digital environment for our kids. 

Attached you will find a newsletter from Wichita Public School's Safety and Environmental Sercvices regarding internet safety.  Read over the tips with your family, and address any questions and concerns that you collectively have.  Your children can also visit NetSmartzkids to learn more about internet etiquette and safety. 


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