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Hall Pass Visitor Management


Hall Pass Visitor Management System - Safety and Security District Wide

All visitors to Kelly Elementary will need to check in through the Hall Pass System. This visitor management system was implemented in the Wichita Public School system in August 2014.  Visitors who enter our building and interact with students will sign in for their first visit through the office.  Visitors will need to provide a driver's license so the system can capture their name, date of birth, and perform an instant screening against the sex offenders national database.   

After being added to the Hall Pass Visitor Management System, a person must check in through the office every time that he or she visits the building during school hours.  A badge will be printed, and must be worn during the visit. Upon departing the school, all visitors should return to the office to check out.  If you are in the building without a badge, you will be asked by a staff member to return to the office to check in. 

As we strive to create an even more secure learning environment for our students, it is our hope that you will find this new system a welcome enhancement to the Wichita Public Schools. We appreciate your cooperation and patience.

Attention Parents:

Have you already registered with our Hall Pass system?  Avoid the long lines by making a reservation! 

If you are visiting Kelly Elementary for an event during school hours (birthday party, school party, school program), you can make a reservation before your visit.  Your badge will be printed before you arrive for your event.  To check if you are registered, or to make a reservation by phone - Call the office at (316) 973-4150.  To register online, please follow the link below. 

Hall Pass Reservation