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WPS Families - Lori Patton and Jeremy Patton

The Patton Family

Jeremy Patton and his mother, Lori PattonMother and son teachers Lori and Jeremy Patton work together at Christa McAuliffe Academy.

Lori is a 6th and 7th grade science teacher, serves as an AVID coach, works with Girls on the Run and is McAuliffe’s technology specialist. She has been with the district for 26 years, serving as a teacher, in campus support, assistant principal and curriculum coach. She’s been at McAuliffe for the past four years

Jeremy, who is currently a 7th grade math teacher, has worked as a math and science teacher at McAuliffe for the past 10 years. He coaches the school’s National Academic League team and is working to become a school counselor.

“I’ve always seen her as an amazing teacher and that inspired me to become a teacher,” said Jeremy.

“My mom had always told me that if a science position ever opened up at McAuliffe she wanted to apply,” Jeremy remembers. “We got an email from our principal saying that they had been allocated an additional science position. I told the principal that my mom wanted to apply and they hired her.”

Not only does Lori get to see Jeremy every day, but Jeremy’s three children, Evan, Claire and Oliver, also attend McAuliffe. Evan is in Lori’s class, and Claire is a member of Girls on the Run. Jeremy also has Evan in class each day and gets to see Oliver in an enrichment program he runs called “Middles and Littles.”

“I look forward to coming to work every single day,” said Lori. “I love what I do and I do what I love. I love having the bonus of seeing my glam children.”

Lori says she loves being able to work with Jeremy and is proud of the teacher he’s become.

“He’s not only an amazing teacher, but an amazing father,” Lori said. “I just love getting to watch him teach.”