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BOE hears report on current and anticipated budget issues

BOE hears report on current and anticipated budget issues

The Board of Education heard about the status of the Wichita Public Schools’ current budget and what is expected as they begin next year’s budget development process. Click here to read the report.

Chief Financial Officer Susan Willis shared that the budget for this year has been proceeding according to plan, but recent legislative action presents the possibility of cutting $14 million this school year. She said that making a cut this far into the school year will be difficult because much of the budgeted expenditures have already been made or are committed to be spent, such as paying teachers through the end of the year.

Willis said the budget planning for next year will be based on flat funding since the district doesn’t know yet what the funding for next year will be and knowing that there will be cost increases for next year including utilities, insurance and fuel costs.

“It’s really the perfect storm of unknowns,” said Willis. “The block grants are coming to an end, the state doesn’t have a new funding formula developed, our state is in deep financial trouble and we are still waiting for the Kansas Supreme Court ruling on school funding adequacy.”

Willis said they will review cuts that were made last year and see how they had an impact on the district. Last year, the district had to make $22.7 million in cuts to its budget, including making changes to the school year calendar, changing the health plan, eliminating hazardous bus routes, combining the alternative schools and eliminating 32 job positions.

Click here to watch the video of the BOE discussion.

Updates on the budget development process will be shared throughout the spring semester.



February 13, 2017