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Senior Spotlight - Emma Kennedy, Dunlap Transition Campus at Chisholm

Senior Spotlight – Emma Kennedy, Dunlap Transition Campus at Chisholm 

Emma Kennedy Emma Kennedy, senior at Dunlap Transition Campus at Chisholm didn’t have the smoothest start when started at Dunlap however, now, Kennedy is described as a leader that’s “top of the line” by staff. 

Kennedy is spoken of fondly by staff and administration at Dunlap. The secretary lights up just at the mention of her name. She’s made herself known as a leader in the school and does her best to guide other students to make better choices.

 However, Principal John Penka said it wasn’t always this way. When she came to Dunlap three years ago, Penka said she was “in the thick of the drama.” 

“She’s top of the line now,” Penka said fondly. “She’s an amazing student, she’s always doing the right thing. If other students aren’t doing the right thing she’ll encourage them to make better, wiser decisions.” 

Kennedy thinks of herself as a leader in the building and is one of the chosen ten to sit on a student leadership team. This team is responsible for helping with prom, representing their school, and guiding other make better choices. 

When asked what she thinks makes her a great leader, she was quick to reply, “My confidence and my engagement with other people. I’m very sociable.”

Kennedy said she’ll miss the dynamic of Dunlap and her friends and is a little bit nervous about graduating. However, she has signed up for Vocational rehab, which will help her find a job and give her the skills needed to succeed.