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Senior Spotlight - Ingrid Villagrana, East High School

Senior Spotlight - Ingrid Villagrana, East High School

Ingrid Villagrana East High School senior Ingrid Villagrana has accomplished a lot in her high school years and has already begun the next phase of her life.

Villagrana has enlisted in, and begun training for, the Kansas Army National Guard where she plans to serve in the military police.

She completed her basic combat training last summer and this summer she will complete her training for law enforcement. She has also served one weekend a month during her senior year. She will leave for 11 weeks of training in Missouri once she graduates.

Next spring, she will begin focusing on her long-term goal of helping others by becoming a pediatrician and will take classes at Emporia State University.

“I want to help others,” said Villagrana. “When I see people struggling, I want to do something about it.”

Villagrana is the first member of her extended family to graduate high school and it’s something she has worked hard to accomplish.

“Being the perfect student isn’t just getting good grades or doing what everybody expects you to do,” said Villagrana. “It’s expressing yourself in a way that you know where you belong and you know that’s what you want to do.”

She says what she’ll miss most about East High is the sense of community.

“I’ve really never experienced the sense of community like we have here,” Villagrana said. “Here people push you to be someone. In other places, you’re pushed to be like everybody else.”