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Senior Spotlight – Roy Johnson, Northwest High School

Senior Spotlight – Roy Johnson, Northwest High School

Roy Johnson Roy Johnson, senior at Northwest High School, loved playing football.  He had been playing since he was in 4th grade. During his junior year playing on Northwest’s team, he started to get attention from colleges, including scholarship offers from Dodge City Community College and Southwestern College.

That all changed at the end of the football season his senior year.

“It was on a Sunday night. I stood up to get a drink and I passed out. And I woke up on the floor about 45 minutes later,” he said.

His mom, a nurse, found him and checked him over and he wound up in the emergency room. He was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation (AFib), which is an irregular heartbeat. Johnson said the emergency room doctor had never seen someone as young as he was with the condition.

“I wasn’t able to play anymore. It was hard to take, but while I was disappointed, I was also grateful because anything could have happened while I was passed out. I could have died and all I wound up with were a few scratches on my face.”

Johnson changed his focus. He always liked working with his hands and he’s always loved tinkering with cars. Now he’s planning to go to WSU Tech to become an auto mechanic. He and his cousin are also starting a T-Shirt clothing brand and have plans to open their own shop.

“Everything happens for a reason and I’m still grateful that I’m able to wake up every day. I had a rough senior year, but I still manage to smile every day,” he said.

“My biggest message to everyone, including ones who want to play football in the NFL, is: Education First. That’s knowledge you’ll have for the rest of your life and will get you further in life.”