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Senior Spotlight - Zeneida Hernandez, North High School

Senior Spotlight - Zeneida Hernandez, North High School

Zeneida Hernandez Three years ago, if you had told North High senior Zeneida Hernandez that she would be graduating a year early, she would never have believed it.

After a rough start in her freshman year, Hernandez transferred to North High as a sophomore with only a few credits.

“I didn’t want to go to North because I didn’t think it would be a good fit for me,” Hernandez said. “But then I met Mrs. Kuntz, my counselor, and she helped change my life.”

Hernandez became part of the school’s Delta academic support group, which encourages students to set goals, track their performance and progress and offers encouragement to students.

Through hard work including taking summer school classes the past few years, Hernandez is on track to graduate a year early. She has done all of this while working two part-time jobs.

Hernandez now serves as a mentor to friends who are struggling like she once was.

“I help other kids who don’t have good grades,” said Hernandez. “I’ve been there so I know what it feels like.”

As she prepares to become the first member of her family to graduate high school, the girl who once resisted going to North High now says she’ll miss the staff the most.

“I’ll miss the teachers and staff; everyone who’s been there for me,” said Hernandez.

She has won a scholarship to attend WSU Tech, where she plans to take classes to become an emergency medical technician and eventually, a registered nurse.

“I’ve always wanted to help people and now I can do that.”