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Senior Spotlight – Arthur Rodgers, Wichita Alternative High School

Senior Spotlight – Arthur Rodgers, Wichita Alternative High School

Arthur Rodgers Arthur Rodgers, a senior at Wichita Alternative High School, describes his school as like a family.

“You really get to know the teachers here. It feels like a home,” he said.

Arthur switched to an alternative school setting the second semester of his freshman year because he had challenges in a traditional school setting. The smaller classes and the relationships he created with his teachers helped him become motivated to learn.  He started to be a leader at school and served on Superintendent Dr. Alicia Thompson’s SuperSAC advisory group for a semester.

Arthur says his teachers Raymond “Doc” Farag, Angela Cooper, Jan Mead, Marvin Foxx and Jason McCollum, along with CCC Coordinator Danea Cramer made a difference.

“They would help me with school, but they were there for me when I needed help with things that happened outside the school. They also helped me find jobs. That was pretty cool,” he said.

He plans on joining the Marines after graduation. He says the Marines will give him more self-discipline and leadership skills so he can better himself and be a better person to others.