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Parent Technology Sign-Off

For Face -to-Face families only

Dear McLean Families,

Just a reminder that we are starting to prepare our families for the possibility of pivoting to a remote learning environment. There are several pieces that still need to be put in place to ensure all students have the supplies that they need in case this transition needs to happen quickly. Our Computers have just arrived and to help with this, we need all parents to complete the Parent Technology Agreement and submit payment for device insurance. I am attaching the device agreement and the link to pay online. By completing these two steps this will eliminate the need for a parent to come to the building saving you time and decreasing the possibility of exposure for everyone. The computer agreement and Insurance must be taken care of THIS WEEK

Please see your email for the links to the Device Agreement and the Online Payment link.

When you get to the payment page please sign in. Once signed in, ensure you have your students added to your account. Please click on enrollment fees, additional (within the dashboard option). A drop-down menu will then open and allow you to click on each learner. There are three insurance options. If you are on free meal status, the fee is $10.00. If you are reduced for meals, the fee is $15.00. If you are full price, the fee is $30.00 for each student. This is a one-time payment to cover the device for the school year.

Please note that you are responsible for the device. If you choose to not get insurance and the device is damaged, there is no coverage to assist you in paying to repair or replace the device. We encourage all families to purchase the insurance to prevent this from happening.

At this time, Computers will only be sent home if we go Full Remote.

Thank you for your continued support!