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Senior Spotlight - Trey Steadham, Heights High School

Heights High School senior Trey SteadhamTrey Steadham looks back fondly on his time at Heights High School — especially his time in band as a trombone player.

“Before I even came to Heights as a student, I got to attend band camp the summer before freshman year,” Trey said. “That really set the tone for the next four years. I can’t imagine being in high school and not being in band.”

Trey’s father passed away last year and music helped him through the tough times.

“Where words fail, music is always there,” Trey said. “The first person who checked in on me after my father died was Mr. Kemp, the band director.”

He also participated in wrestling and credits that with reshaping his work ethic.

“Wrestling really helped shape me as a person and I would recommend it to everyone,” Trey said. “It definitely keeps you humble. It has the highest highs and the lowest lows.”

The pandemic took a toll on his grades, but it also made him appreciate school that much more.

Trey credits the AVID program with helping to prepare him for college along with the advanced placement classes he’s taken. He was able to turn his grades around and is now looking forward to college.

Next year, he plans to attend Wichita State University and wants to continue performing music. He’s interested in pursuing a career in writing, perhaps journalism.

Watch Trey's Senior Spotlight video.