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Pre-Enrollment 2022-2023

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Pre-Enrollment Starts January 18th!

Pre-Enrollment for 2022-23 begins this month!!

Pre-enrollment will begin January 18, 2022. Students will do pre-enrollment prep during their advocacy classes. The USD 259 Program of Studies, which contains descriptions of the courses, is posted on the front page of the Wichita Heights web page. Please review with your student the options for them. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your Alpha Counselor.

Students need to take pre-enrollment seriously. Career choices should be considered when picking classes. Students will be held to their choices as schedule changes will not happen if a class was picked by the student.  Parents, please discuss and review with your student the class options available and what options they should choose.

Following is the timetable for the pre-enrollment process:

January 18:   Advocacy teachers will present pre-enrollment information to their classes. Counselors will be available to assist, if needed.

January 19 - 21:   Advocacy teachers will continue to assist students in the pre-enrollment process. Forms will be completed based on transcripts, career goals, family discussions, and teacher recommendations.

Counselors will be available to assist if needed.

January 24:   Advocacy teachers will turn in all pre-enrollment forms to the counselors.

February:     Counselors will meet with students, one on one, to finalize the enrollment form.