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Elementary schools to compete in 2022 Battle of the Books

Elementary schools to compete in Battle of the Books 

Forty elementary schools will participate in this year's Battle of the Books program, sponsored by Library Media Services. The Battle of the Books will be Jan. 19-26. The competitions will be broadcast live on WPS-TV on Cox Cable Channel 20 and on WPS-TV online

Competitions are at 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. 

The schools that are participating in Battle of the Books are Adams, Allen, Black, Beech, Bostic, Buckner, Caldwell, Cessna, Chisholm Trail, Christa McAuliffe Academy, Clark, Cleaveland, College Hill, Colvin, Dodge, Earhart, Franklin, Gammon, Gardiner, Gordon Parks Academy, Griffith, Harry Street, Hyde, Irving, Isely, Jackson, Jefferson, L’Ouverture, McCollom, McLean, OK, Ortiz, Peterson, Pleasant Valley, Price-Harris, Riverside, Seltzer, Stanley, Woodland and Woodman. 

Battle of the Books is a voluntary reading competition designed for elementary school students. Student teams were given a list of 64 books to read. Each team needs to be familiar with events, characters, and the authors of the books to answer the questions. 

When the 2022 competitions are completed, they will be posted on the WPS-TV website for viewing.

Students have been competing in Battle of the Books since 1995. 


Competition schedule

**Competition schedule may be subject to change


Wednesday, Jan. 19

11 a.m.

Host: Superintendent Alicia Thompson

College Hill Elementary

Griffith Elementary

Isely Traditional Magnet Elementary


Thursday, Jan. 20

11 a.m.

Host: Jim Kobbe, Spirit Aerosystems

Beech Elementary

Gardiner Elementary

Ortiz Elementary

Pleasant Valley Elementary


2 p.m.

Host: Pilar Pedraza, KAKE

Black Traditional Magnet

Chisholm Trail Elementary

McCollom Elementary


Friday, Jan. 21

11 a.m.

Host: Alex Flippin, KWCH

Cessna Elementary

McLean Magnet Elementary

Seltzer Elementary

Woodman Elementary


2 p.m.

Host: Jillian Carrol, KSN

Adams Elementary

Buckner Magnet Elementary

Franklin Elementary


Monday, Jan. 24

11 a.m.

Host: Ted Woodward, KNSS radio

Caldwell Elementary

Peterson Elementary

Stanley Elementary

Woodland Elementary


2 p.m.

Host: Leigh Bellinger, McConnell

Dodge Literacy Magnet

Jackson Elementary

L’Ouverture Magnet Elementary

Price-Harris Magnet Elementary


Tuesday, Jan. 25

11 a.m.

Host: Natalie Davis, KWCH

Allen Elementary

Bostic Traditional Magnet

Earhart Magnet Elementary

Jefferson Elementary 


2 p.m.

Host: Avery Osen, KSN

Clark Elementary

Cleaveland Traditional Magnet

Gammon Elementary

Hyde Magnet Elementary


Wednesday, Jan. 26

11 a.m.

Host: Jay Prater, KAKE

Christa McAuliffe Academy

Colvin Elementary

Gordon Parks Academy

Harry Street Elementary


2 p.m.

Host: Carol Hughes, Interim Healthcare

Irving Elementary

OK Elementary

Riverside Elementary