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Watch elementary schools compete in Battle of the Books

Elementary schools compete in Battle of the Books

A record 47 elementary schools participated in this year's Battle of the Books program, sponsored by Library Media Services, Jan. 21-28. A video replay of the competitions can be seen at

Participating schools included: Adams, Allen, Anderson, Beech, Black, Bostic, Buckner, Caldwell, Cessna, Chisholm Trail, Clark, Cleaveland, Christa McAuliffe Academy, College Hill,  Colvin, Dodge, Earhart, Enders, Franklin, Gammon, Gardiner, Gordon Parks Academy, Griffith, Horace Mann, Hyde, Irving, Isely, Jackson, Jefferson, Kensler, L’Ouverture, McCollum, McLean, Mueller, OK, Payne, Peterson, Pleasant Valley, Price-Harris, Riverside, Seltzer, Spaght, Stanley, Washington, White, Woodland and Woodman.

Battle of the Books is a voluntary reading competition designed for elementary school students. Student teams were given a list of 64 books to read. Each team needs to be familiar with events, characters, and the authors of the books to answer the questions. Students also give a three-minute Book Talk about one title from the list. Each team will draw a book title and will be given fifteen minutes to prepare their presentation about the book.

Students have been competing in Battle of the Books since 1995.