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Friends University Announces Five STEM Scholarship Winners

Friends University is pleased to announce five STEM Promise Scholarship winners selected from several Wichita area high schools. The winners are Dennys Calvillo from West High School, Ondrea Thomas from West High School, Joshua Loucks from Halstead High School, Grethel De la Torre from South High School and Alexyss Miller from South High School.

“These students are academic leaders who embody our Friends University values and they wish to further their education at a private, Christian university while pursuing a STEM-related career field,” said Deb Stockman, vice president of enrollment management. “We are so delighted to provide them an outstanding educational opportunity as they begin paving the way toward their STEM career goals.”

The five winners were selected from a pool of applications and had to meet a minimum of a 3.2 GPA, be admitted to a Friends University STEM program, demonstrate a financial need, and submit two essays on why they want to pursue a career in a STEM field and how they will contribute to the Friends University community. The selected winners will receive up to 18 credit hours of free tuition per semester for four years through a combination of federal, state and institutional aid sources equaling a total of $29,670 per year.