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Senior Spotlight — Kylie Appl, Dunlap Transition Campus at Chisholm

Senior Spotlight — Kylie Appl

Dunlap Transition Campus at Chisholm graduating senior Kylie ApplKylie Appl, senior at Dunlap Transition Campus at Chisholm, is described by staff as the kind of student every teacher dreams of, but when she arrived three years ago, her true personality hadn’t started to shine. 

When she started at Dunlap, she was a hardworking student, but very shy. She spoke hardly at all and when she did, it was barely above a whisper. Over the course of her first year, she blossomed. She found her voice and became a leader at the school, advocating for herself and her classmates. Kylie held several jobs at many of the school-sponsored sites. She loved to help her classmates learn new jobs so they can be successful too. 

This year, Kylie attended school through MySchool Remote and has persevered. She continues to use her voice to participate in classroom discussions.  Staff say Kylie continues to show her strengths every day. She loves to learn and she wants to continue to be a leader. 

Kylie has been offered a job and plans to work after graduation.