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Senior Spotlight — Chandra Rishell, Sowers Alternative High School

Senior Spotlight — Chandra Rishell

Sowers Alternative High School graduating senior Chandra RishellChandra Rishell, a senior at Sowers Alternative High School, credits the school’s Challenge to Success program, along with her teacher Rachael Decker with helping her graduate high school a semester early.

“It really helped me. My sophomore year I was in the hospital and I fell behind on credits. I was struggling with school and afraid I wouldn’t graduate,” she said.

“I heard about this program and I wasn’t optimistic, but I gave it a shot, and with the support of Ms. Decker and the paras, I ended up graduating early.”

The Challenge to Success program allows students to work at their own pace with the Edgenuity online program. The students work at the school and receive academic and emotional support from the staff to help them reach their goals.   

“The teachers are right there when you need them. We all become very close. It’s like a family.”

The program also has activities like arts and crafts and playing board games. Chandra said those activities created some of her best memories of school.  

“I highly advocate for the program. It was really beneficial to me.”

Rishell also liked having the opportunity to take classes at WSU Tech starting as a junior, completing three Machining technical certificates through WSU Tech.  In the fall, she will attend Wichita State to major in mechanical engineering and math.