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Senior Spotlight — Kevin Vance, Sowers Alternative High School

Senior Spotlight — Kevin Vance

Kevin Vance, Sowers Alternative High School seniorKevin Vance, a senior at Sowers Alternative High School, said graduating from high school has been his dream.

“I am really excited to graduate,” he said. “It’s more than just having a good attitude towards school, it’s about having a good spirit as well.”

Vance said the support of the school’s staff was a key to his success.  He said he really likes his art teacher, Mitchel Schroeder, who makes him laugh and encourages his love of creating.

“Mr. S has a big heart,” he said.

He said his P.E. teacher, William Duncan, is always encouraging him. He likes to talk with Mandana Shamsa, a long-term sub who listens to him when he needs support. He said the security officers A.J. Allen and Christopher Robinson always give him a friendly greeting and they help him when he needs it.

“They are all a huge blessing,” he said.

Vance is very active in his church. He performs in a teen choir and preaches to teens and younger students.

He loves to play sports, especially basketball. He was thrilled when the University of Kansas won the National Championship.

After graduation, he plans on going to a day program to continue to build his life skills to be successful.