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Cleaveland staff start the new school year by giving back

Cleaveland staff start the new school year by giving back

Cleaveland gives flowers to nursing home residents Staff at Cleaveland Elementary started the new year by paying it forward to community members near their school. Principal Terri Lemos divided the staff into groups and gave them each $20 to give away in any manner they chose.

Some of the ways staff paid it forward included paying for a family’s school supplies; helping two families at neighboring Payne Elementary pay enrollment fees; helping pay for a person’s purchases at QuikTrip; giving bottled water to construction workers, postal workers and people waiting at city bus stops; giving popsicles to students at a park; paying for food for a person in a drive-thru; providing flowers to nursing home residents; giving treats to police officers and firefighters, and buying food for the homeless.

“We don’t know what a person’s situation is and what they are going through, so it’s nice to show compassion and hopefully the gift is a blessing to them,” said Katie Stratton, second-grade teacher.

“Plus it makes your day,” she added.

Lemos said the exercise was a great way to show how many lives they can touch within an hour.  She said the staff would like to do it again next year.