Who are the people to know in IB?

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Students and parents should maintain close contact with teachers in order to be aware of course requirements and class policies. If parents have concerns or questions about a particular class, they should contact the teacher of the class. Below is a listing of other IB staff members and their responsibilities.


IB Coordinator Responsible to the International Baccalaureate Organization to ensure that the program meets IBO standards and requirements, the coordinator is also responsible for the overall direction of the program, for recruitment of students and staff, for registering students in their IB exams, for budgeting, and for communications between IB and East High, the BOE, students, parents, and the community at large.  In addition, the coordinator sets policies for IB, handles discipline, and works with individual students and families in regard to academic progress and counseling.


IB Counselor The IB counselor works with students to help them develop their four-year plans of study, completes course enrollment, makes schedule changes, and conducts the IB exams. Individually and as a member of the Student Support Team (SST), the IB counselor monitors students' progress in the program and counsels students on personal and academic issues.   The IB counselor also provides college information to students and parents, including information about admissions, financial aid, scholarships, completing college applications, preparing for and taking the SAT and ACT, writing college essays, preparing a resume, and conducting college visits and interviews.  The IB counselor also administers the PSAT and processes National Merit applications.


CAS Coordinator The CAS (Creativity-Action-Service) coordinator is responsible for the dissemination of CAS opportunity information to students, for monitoring students' progress in CAS activities, and for sending samples of students' CAS logs to IB for audit as requested.


Student Support Team The Student Support Team (SST) is a group of IB staff responsible for identifying IB students who are experiencing academic difficulty and providing them with the appropriate assistance to help improve their performance.


IB Secretary The IB secretary serves as receptionist for the IB program, handles all bookkeeping tasks and correspondence, maintains files on all IB students, coordinates the IB shadow program, and directs IB student assistants.


East High Attendance Clerk If a student is absent from school, a parent should call the attendance clerk at 973-7207 as soon as possible on the day of the absence.  If a student is absent three or more days, a parent may request to pick-up missed school work by contacting the IB secretary at 973-7289.  Generally, twenty-four hours notice is required. Communication between the student and teacher is a critical component in the attendance practices of students. Students need to plan in advance when they are going to be absent and the anticipated absence needs to be shared with the teacher. This type of communication goes a long way to ensure homework, quizzes, instructional activities and exams are accounted for and made-up in a timely manner. All anticipated absences, including college visits, must be authorized in advance with a Request To Be Absent form, which may be picked up from the IB secretary or the East High attendance clerk.  The student must have the form signed by a parent and by all teachers and must then submit it to the IB coordinator for approval. College visits are reserved for juniors and seniors. Teachers’ signatures indicate only whether a student’s work is in such a condition that he or she may afford to be absent (i.e. they do not excuse the absence). The IB coordinator will indicate whether each absence is excused or unexcused based on USD 259 policy.