WPS PowerPoint Template

The UPDATED Wichita Public Schools brand template includes the correct fonts, colors and graphics to use for presentations to all external audiences as well as internal, employee audiences. The default color is our WPS dark blue; however, the template does include all seven colors associated with the strategic plan themes. Additional instructions found in the file.


Begin using this template for any professional presentations you conduct. That includes in-services, presentations to partners, at industry association meetings and more. Share this template with all employees in your reporting line who may present to external audiences.


This PPT template is created for screens that use a 4:3 ratio. This will be most projectors in the district system, the BOE screens, etc. If you know your presentation will be shown on a screen such as a TV monitor, you'll want to request the 16:9 ratio template by emailing sfinn@usd259.net

7 PPT Master General Brand 2022 4x3.potx, 3.35 MB; (Last Modified on July 22, 2022)