WPS Word Template File

The NEW Wichita Public Schools brand template includes the correct fonts, colors and graphics to use for Word documents of a professional nature. Files created to share with internal staff audiences, external partners or as part of a professional presentation should use this file. There are default styles included in the template, which you can see in use when you download the template file.


Begin using this document for any work in Microsoft Word that will be used outside the classroom. Share this template with all employees in your reporting line who may create Word documents to share with individuals besides students.


We do not expect that this document will replace any individual building newsletter templates or other files that may be created and sent home to students and families.


This file does not replace letterhead. Any official documents that need to be produced on District letterhead should continue to use the available letterhead template and printed material.

2 WPS 2018 Brand Word Template.dotx, 161.98 KB; (Last Modified on August 29, 2018)