Additional Summer Latchkey Details

The cost of $25 per day is with a three-day minimum. The three days need to be the same days each week. Priority placement will be given to full time schedules.

There will be field trips each week and the field trip fees average around $20 a week.

Bring $60 for enrollment per child. ($10 for registration and $50 for the deposit). You will receive your deposit back at the end of the summer if your child attends through the last week of summer latchkey. If you leave early, you will lose your deposit.

The third child and/or any additional children will pay half price for all contracted hours. Registration and summer deposit is not half price.

We will be accepting 60 students into summer latchkey.

Each student will have 3-5 vacation days for the summer, depending on how many days they sign up for.

Breakfast, Lunch and 2 snacks per day will be provided.

If your student attends summer school at Isely, they will be able to attend summer latchkey also. The fees for summer latchkey will not be reduced.

The requirements to attend summer latchkey are those that have completed kindergarten and students going into 6th grade.