Remembrance and Service

Posted by Kelly Bielefeld on 9/8/2023

South JROTC students folding the U.S. FlagMonday is September 11th.

As the years have gone by since 2001, the reflection and memory of the day has probably morphed and changed for some. However, I remember so many vivid details from that day. I was in my second semester teaching at Goddard High School. From the reactions of students to the tears from adults, pain and shock was all around. 

This date, September 11th, now referred to as Patriot Day, is a day of both remembrance and service. The innocent lives that were lost, the senseless violence, and the pain of feeling vulnerable in a way that many of us never had before…those are the details that I remember from the past. It is important to remember those details, no matter how painful they are.

But Patriot Day is also about service. Serving one another, serving our country, and serving the common good…The American Dream. Most of us who work in public schools feel this kind of calling: a calling to serve. We serve students and their families during the school day, but we also serve the greater community on so many levels. We coach youth sports, we teach Sunday School classes, we serve on local community boards, we serve at 4-H, Girl Scouts, and Boys and Girls Club, and when we retire, many teachers provide countless hours at non-profits all around the city.

Teachers know that the investment in a student is the ultimate service to our future. By investing time in our kids, we are investing in the hope of a better future: a future with less violence, less tragedy, and more peaceful understanding.

On Monday we remember, and on Monday we serve…and continue to serve…with the hope of a better future for Every Student. - Kelly