We have been listening!

Posted by Kelly Bielefeld on 10/20/2023

This summer, the strategic planning team began their work to create a new five-year strategic plan for the district. “New” might not be the most 

Listening session for new strategic plan precise word to use…more of a refresh or revision of the current plan that sunsets in 2023.


We began our work by adjusting the mission and vision to reflect our “future ready” focus we want to continue to have as a district.  As we unpack our plan, we will show how the goals of the plan align with who we want to be in the future and our vision as a district.


Most recently, we have partnered with the Center for Evaluation and Educational Leadership out of KU to help gather feedback from the field about our goals and which future-ready skills our students need. The feedback has been outstanding.  They facilitated 13 listening sessions that involved community members, teachers, administrators, non-profit organizations, retired teachers, classified staff, and parents. Over 200 individuals participated in these face-to-face feedback sessions. Following that, we received almost 600 responses to the online survey we sent to all parents in the district.

Listening session with Community Partners

Now that we have all this great information, the real work begins.  Over the next few weeks, the planning team will create our new/revised/updated Student Outcome Goals for our district. At the November meeting, we will submit the Board of Education our recommendations for updated goals for the next five years.

These goals will guide our work and help us to focus on improving outcomes for our students. To all parents and community members who have been involved, thank you for your engagement in the process. We are creating a strong foundation for our future growth and success as a district. We have listened and we better understand how we can create students who are future-ready to succeed in our Wichita community.