The Plan

Posted by Kelly Bielefeld on 12/1/2023

Teacher at Pleasant Valley Middle SchoolA large part of what we do in our district is to make plans. We plan for school, we plan lessons, we plan for bad weather, and we plan for many, many activities.

Plans are important. They provide a way to accomplish goals and a roadmap to get there.  We are embarking on a new strategic plan for the next 3-5 years. We have engaged community, parents, teachers, and staff in helping to shape the outcomes we want for our students in the future.

We also will begin work on a facilities plan. In a similar way, our facilities and programs help to support our mission as a district. We want every student to thrive and exceed their potential. In order to do this, we need facilities that are conducive to future-ready learning, staff who are qualified and trained for this, and a community who supports our vision.

Ultimately, we have a critical question that we have started to ask our community: What do we want out of our schools?  The strategic plan listening sessions answered some of this. We want graduates with academic knowledge who are ready to be successful in life and career after high school. Our goal is to keep kids safe and give them a sense of belonging while we do this.  In a nutshell, this is the basics of what we hope to achieve for our community.

But for our students to thrive, as our vision statement indicates, our kids need more than just a diploma and a safe school, they need future-ready skills that will equip them with tools for their future. They need credentials and communication skills, they need internships and community service, they need access to college credit and access to hands-on learning. They need our community to support them both inside and outside the classroom walls.

We hope the three goals of our strategic plan articulate these priorities for our district. We aim to produce academically prepared graduates with the skills and assets they need for their future. If we can accomplish this for every child, our students and our community will thrive.