A Fine, Fine District

Posted by Kelly Bielefeld on 12/8/2023

Sheril Logan and Kelly Bielefeld greet employees at Good Apple AwardsWhen I was a principal, I would visit classrooms at the start of the year to get to know the kids. I would learn their names, interact a little bit, and read a picture book entitled "A Fine, Fine School" by Sharon Creech.


The book is about a principal who is so proud of his school that he keeps wanting to do more and more “school”…first school on Saturdays, then school on the holidays, and then school every day of the year. It is funny because no one wants to tell him that it is too much because he is so proud of the school. They don’t want to hurt his feelings.


We celebrated our staff this week with the Good Apple Awards, and I felt just like the principal. I was beaming with pride about our fine, fine district. There were many representations of the awesome employees we are blessed to have in our district; even a therapy pug decked out in his tuxedo was there. Our staff are incredible, and over and over I witness how dedicated we are to our kids. It was a blast to celebrate them and their loved ones.


I’m still beaming with pride about our fine, fine district.  It is an honor to serve and support our amazing people.