Making Choices

Posted by Kelly Bielefeld on 1/12/2024

Students at Enders doing a craft2024 looks to be a year of choices for our district…and it started already with some (complex) challenges about canceling school for weather conditions.


These decisions to cancel school are a good microcosm of other challenging choices that lie ahead. Multiple options exist, we have data to use to guide the decision, but ultimately, we are making a prediction with the best information available within a short time frame. We have heard feedback from staff that they desire us to be transparent in our decisions and processes in making them. We have heard this and will continue to explain and make sure we know what to expect, as much as possible, moving forward.


Other choices that need to be made soon are for our families and parents. The Showcase for Choices and Opportunities event will be hosted from 5-7:30 p.m. on January 24 at Century II. This event is a chance for current and future parents to learn about the options available for their student’s education. We have many outside options at all levels; we hope to see a great turnout as families make choices for the future.


And an exciting development on the heels of this is a chance for parent feedback about these options. During the week of January 22nd, we will be sending a survey to parents about the future of our schools, how we want them structured and what options we want for students when it comes to themes, instructional methods, and enrollment options.  We hope to be the district of choice for all families in the region, and our goal is to work with parents and community members to make this happen. We want teachers and parents to choose us to help achieve our vision of becoming the premier school district in the state of Kansas!