• Academic Standards


    Academic Standards

    Kansas Academic/Curricular Standards provide information on what students should know and be able to do at different grade levels. These standards, which are developed and adopted by the Kansas State Department of Education, are guidelines school districts use to develop their own curriculum. They are not the curriculum


    The Kansas State Department of Education reviews its curricular standards at least every seven years per Kansas Education Statute #72-6439. 


    Each school district develops its own curriculum and teachers decide how they will engage students to deliver instruction. Mastery of standards is assessed on the Kansas Assessment Benchmark. 


    The assessed curricular standards are English Language Arts, English Language Proficiency, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies.


    The KSDE social, emotional and character development standards are the basis for the Behavior and Employability Scales that are key evaluation points in the Standards Referenced Grading initiative. To review Behavior and Employability Scales, click on this link.


Kansas State Department of Education Curricular Standards